V-KI-RAS2 Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene Homolog V-KI-RAS-2



Oncogene KRAS2; KRAS2; Kirsten murine sarcoma virus 2; RASK2; C-KRAS

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KRAS is a gene located on 12p12.1 human that codes for a viral oncogene homolog Kirsten rat sarcoma (V-Ki-ras2). This gene provides information for KRAS protein synthesis, which is involved in processes of proliferation and cell division.
Ras proteins play a key role in signaling processes, proliferation, differentiation and cell death, however, when some of their genes has mutations becomes a potent oncogene. Unfortunately, mutations comprising the three RAS oncogenes, KRAS, HRAS and NRAS, are frequent in the processes of carcinogenesis. Specifically, it says that KRAS oncogene is one of the most active. It presents active mutations in 17 to 25% of human tumors. These mutations which accumulate in the RAS active state (it bind GTP) resulting in constitutive activation of other proteins in the route.
Bioarray provides KRAS gene sequencing order to detect mutations associated with disease processes associated with the oncogene. Some of the diseases are as follows; bladder cancer (# 109800), breast cancer (# 114480) syndrome cardio-facio-cutaneous type II (# 615278), gastric cancer (# 137215), acute myelogenous leukemia, cancer lung (# 211980), Noonan syndrome type III (# 609 942), pancreatic carcinoma (# 260350) and syndrome Schimmelpenning-Feuerstein-Mims (SFM) (# 163200).


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