Next-generation sequencing


Bioarray offers services of next-generation sequencing by means of an Ion Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) sequencer. This machine allows us to obtain a large volume of high quality day in a quick and economic manner.

The Ion Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) has the advantage of combining the semiconductor sequencing technology with natural biochemistry, avoiding the need to resort to complex and expensive optical systems. In this manner, we offer a natural, flexible and scalable chemical sequencing.

Its simple technology leads to a direct sequencing of the DNA, making the quickness of the process an obvious fact, as it allows the incorporation of each nucleotide to be registered in seconds!

The essential component of the Ion Personal Genome Machine® is its sistema de chips de secuenciaciónthat incorporates more than one million micro-machined wells. Each well will contain different DNA templates, offering next-generation sequencing in parallel with a large-scale capacity.

Advantages of using the equipment with Bioarray

The PGM ™ system has very high performance(up to 2 GB per run), less cost per run, large scaling and thanks to its sequencing length, which is considerably longer(up to 400 bases), it is much more efficient when assemblingde novo sequences.

In this manner, Bioarray offers personalised solutions for sequencing small genomes, groups of genes and to carry out expression profiling or Chip-Seq. The specific genomic regions can be interrogated by using up to 1,536 amplificationsin only one tube in only one day.

Applications of the next-generation sequencing service at Bioarray.

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