Hereditary breast–ovarian cancer syndrome type 2



Susceptibility to familial breast-ovarian cancer-2 (BROVCA2)

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Hereditary breast–ovarian cancer syndrome type 2 is caused by mutations in the BRCA2 tumor suppressor gene (13q13.1). BRCA2 participates in the maintenance of the cell cycle, in DNA repair processes and genetic stability. The protein encoded by BRCA1 (one nuclear phosphoprotein) will be able to associate with different adapter proteins that they will form complexes to carry out their duties, like BRCA1.
Also mutations in BRCA2 are Associated With Other types of cancer and diseases: such as Fanconi's anemia (# 605724), pancreatic cancer (# 613 347), prostate cancer (# 176807), nephroblastoma or Wilms tumor (# 194070), susceptibility to breast cancer in men (# 114480), glioblastoma (# 613 029) and medulloblastoma (# 155255).
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