Bioarray at PGDIS 2017

Bioarray has a preeminent role in this year’s PGDIS congress. The Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis International Society coordinates research, education and training in PGD through a close cooperation of obgyns, embryologists and human geneticists.

Bioarray contributes to the program of PGDIS 2017, Valencia 26-29 March, with the following works:

  • From prenatal diagnosis of fetal abnormality to preimplantation genetic diagnosis for skeletal dysplasia using NGS technologiesVanessa Penacho download pdf

  • A novel algorithm for determining the level of mosaicism in Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) with next-generation sequencing (NGS)Natalia Castejón download pdf

  • New all-in-one protocol for 24-chromosome aneuploidies and monogenic diseases detection by next generation sequencing: first-year experienceSantiago González download pdf

  • Detection limit of partial insertions and deletions for PGS in terms of NGS by analyzing 242 embryos of couples with balanced translocationsHelena Blanca download pdf


Plus the following presentation within the pre-conference courses:

  • All-in-one workflow for whole chromosome aneuploidy and point mutation detectionLuis Alcaraz

Full program at conference website: